covid copy



Dear people,

Tough times are laying ahead for all of us as the lockdown is extended. Please do not forget that we are in this together to come out of it for the better. Our mission is to protect ourselves, our families and our loved ones. Let’s use this time to sit back, relax and reflect about how to deal with these things that are happening to us with the most positive mindset.

We can use this valuable time to connect with eachother in ways that have been taken for granted for a long time. Many of us were caught up in their own world and very often we had forgotten to communicate outside that bubble we have created for ourselves. I love my job and became passionately obsessed with my career as a hairstylist and that will never change. But i believe it is important to realise that in times of now, we have to take a step back and come to the conclusion that we have to take care of what truly matters. I am talking about the health and wellbeing of the community we live in and trying to unite with one another as much as we can to share the love.


In my personal perspective related to my job as a hairstylist it means that we have to prioritize our health instead of worrying to much about our personal aesthetics right at this present time. Of course, please look after yourself by cleansing and conditioning your luscious locks and make yourself feel great, but for the moment just let your hair do what it does and let the situation be what it is, because right now we cannot change it anyway.

I would love to help you out by providing home delivery DIY kits, but in all honesty I’m convinced that a professional service is not suitable for home consumption.

So I would like to conclude my message by saying let your manes do their thing for now and a great restyle will be waiting for you whenever the world is ready for it. We will all come out of this situation as changed people for the better, in an entirely different world, so wait for your future hairstyle and you can use it as a statement to expose the new you.

Yours sincerely,